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Somebunny thinks you're stupid.

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8 August 1986
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I go by Lelei/Lexy.

My journal is friends-only.

That is all.
Fucking with your mind, ai yazawa, alice in wonderland, alliterating accidentally, apple, art, asian bjds, blackbird covers, blue, boots, bubblers, cake, caramel, dolls, equal rights, fantastically fatuous french films, fashion design, fruit smoothies, fruits, gayness in general, gummies, handing out phds, his dark materials, honey and clover, illustration, interests with more than four words, iwaoka hisae, junko mizuno, lemonade, manga, memoirs, mocking angie's icons, my bubble, mythology, neil gaiman, painting, photography, popsicles, reading, rings, shoujo-ai, sleeping, sorbet filled fruit shells, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, the little mermaid, things that are erotical, ubi, umino chika, vintage jewelry

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