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So... I guess today is election day?

Oops-crap on that one, because I never got my ballot. I thought that I didn't need to update my registration because I got something in the mail from them, but in retrospect this happened two years ago and I found out that time that they don't forward ballots because of security and whatnot. News just said turn-out is like the lowest it's ever been, at 38%... :( SORRY OREGON. Uh... hope 50 passes. Whoops. (Or do I? I get so confused about these measures because it's always like half really good and half bad/suspicious and then I just get nervous and uncomfortable with voting because I'm worried I'm voting a way I actually don't want to.)

I've only voted once in my life, and it didn't work--Bush was re-elected.

In my defense, the past two weeks have been a blur. I'm finally almost finished with Hikari 5+6 (i.e. what will be released as volume 3) and it was painful to say the least. Still need to do a bit more at the end, but... gah. Before I sleep, it will be DONE. For now.

Ooh~ Cash Cab! </dork>
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