Lelei (lelei) wrote,

Work portfolio.

This is all the manga I've lettered (for publishing) so far.

And the companies I don't work for anymore are at the bottom. ;P

Yen Press

Cat Paradise(学園創世猫天!)by Yuuji Iwahara(岩原裕二) 1-2 [of 5 complete]

Crimson-Shell(クリムゾン・シェル)by Mochizuki Jun(望月淳)1 [complete]

GA Art department art design class(GA -芸術科アートデザインクラス-)by Satoko Kiyuduki(きゆづき さとこ)1-2 [of 2 ongoing?]

Goong(궁(宮))by SoHee Park(박소희)3-7 [of 17 ongoing]

Kaze no Hana(風ノ華)by Ushio Mizta(巳蔦汐生)& Akiyoshi Ohta(太田顕善)1-3 [complete]

Kieli(キーリ)by Yukako Kabei (壁井ユカコ)& Shiori Teshirogi(手代木史織)1-2 [complete]

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya(涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱)by Nagaru Tanigawa(谷川流)& Gaku Tsugano(ツガノ・ガク)1-4 [of 8 ongoing]

Nabari no Ou(隠の王)by Yuuki Kamatani(鎌谷悠希)1-7 [of 10 ongoing]

Pandora Hearts(パンドラ・ハーツ)by Mochizuki Jun(望月淳)2 [of 8 ongoing]

S.S. Astro(教艦ASTRO)by Negi Banno(蕃納葱)1 [of 1 ongoing]

Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro(棺担ぎのクロ。~懐中旅話)by Satoko Kiyuduki(きゆづき さとこ)1-2 [of 2 ongoing]

Soul Eater(ソウルイーター)by Atsushi Oukubo(大久保篤)1-4 [of 14 ongoing]

Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning(スパイラル:推理の絆)by Kyou Shirodaira(城平京)& Eita Mizuno(水野英多)6-10 [of 15 complete]

Suzunari!(スズナリ!)by Shoko Iwami(石見翔子)1-2 [complete]

Very! Very! Sweet(Very! Very! 다이스키)by JiSang Shin(신지상)and Geo(지오)1-5 [of 7 ongoing]

With the Light(光とともに。。。)by Keiko Tobe (戸部けいこ)1-10 [of 14 ongoing]

Zombie-Loan by Peach-Pit 2-8 [of 11 ongoing]

* * * * * * * * * *

DrMaster Inc.

Junk by Kia Asamiya 3-4

Key Princess Story: Eternal Alice Rondo by Kaishaku 4

Lunar Legend Tsukihime by Sasakishonen & Type-Moon 4, 1-2 2nd editions

Real Fake Prince by I-Huan 4-5 [complete]


DVD by Kye Young Chon 2

I used to keep a compulsive list of every chapter I edited for scanslation groups, but after it hit 100 I was like, "WHEE! Kay, enough of this," and stopped updating. I'll work on that later. :P
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