Lelei (lelei) wrote,

Okay, so Saturday night we were at Jimmy Mak's (Jazz club) and the first band (David Milne) was great, but the second performance--who we only stayed for because we heard them tuning up much earlier that night and were blown away by the singer's voice--was incredible.

Her name was Debra Arlyn, and seriously... her voice is freaking incredible. As Nick put it, "She's a bit of a diva." But... oh well. She was absolutely riveting. It helped that the band backing her up was absolutely awesome as well. Actually, you can see the over-the-top diva-ness in her promo video, which is the only one I could find on her (too bad no one's put up a bit from one of her live performances):

Well, we bought her CD (I think you can listen to all the songs on her myspace.) But I'm not sure if I'd like it this much if I hadn't heard her live. It's hard to tell. I guess I'll never know. She's supposed to be at Doug Fir in December~ and I guess someplace else in Portland called The Buffalo Gap several times before then, but... I'm pretty sure I don't go to places like that. Yeaaah.
Tags: music

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