November 29th, 2007


Got home last night...

and today as I was leaving to going to the post office to pick up my mail (because once again, my retarded postman flaked out on me--this time he decided "resume service" and "deliver accumulated mail" meant "keep holding for as long as you feel like") because my neighbors were being ESPECIALLY noisy and I knew that staying longer would result in another headache, I exited my apartment, saw that glorious carpet cleaning tube running out their front door, so I peeked inside and......

'lo and behold... the goddamn place was empty.

I was so happy I almost cried.

Sure, someone else noisy could move in, but that family would be hard to beat (like, even if the big fat cleaning guy that was stomping around in there moved in, he would at least be working 9-5 so I could get a break from the noise.) Like eight people lived there, including three young children and one baby that were *always* there. Baby constantly crying, kids running around and slamming doors, men yelling in Spanish non-stop every night. TWO little yappy dogs that would wig out anytime someone walked by their front door. They were the neighbors from hell.

They were the ONLY thing keeping me from loving this townhouse and were seriously making me consider breaking my lease. They were making miserable and now they're GONE!!!!!

Best surprise to come home to. Ever.

And I am officially taking a cab home next time I get back from the airport. $2 for the train instead of $40 for a cab is difficult to rationalize when it's pouring and you have a heavy duffel bag without wheels...
......actually, it would be a lot less than $40 since I live right near the airport now.
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